Monday, April 12, 2010

This is reality

This is Congressman Hank Johnson stating, with absolute sincerity, that he fears the ISLAND OF GUAM will tip over if it receives 8,000 Marines and their families. He appears totally stoned out of his mind, "..uh the environment and stuff, concerns you know" but this is obviously what the guy really thinks and believes his concerns are entirely valid.

This is congressman Phil Hare saying he doesn't know or care if the Constitution provides Congress with the power to force people to buy Healthcare. Citing the Declaration of Independence he says "...well I believe it says something about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness", when he is told that is the Declaration of Independence and NOT the Constitution he says, "...whatever, its the same thing". Apparently Mr. Hare thinks that any old document gives Congress its legislative powers, and doesn't realize that those powers are derived solely from the Constitution. Hare obviously knows less about the Constitution, his duties as Congressmen, and the nature of the office its self, than do most of his constituency.

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