Monday, April 12, 2010

American Nationalism II (summary)

Summary of what American Nationalism means:

I. That the Bill of Rights defines/limits the powers of the State, that the Bill of Rights does NOT define/limit the rights of individual American Citizens.

II. That ONLY individual American Citizens sovereignty is protected, and that this sovereignty and its State protections are NOT extended to any entity that is not an individual American Citizen. They are not extended to

  1. Any individual in times of war or peace who is not an American Citizen.

  2. Any corporation.

  3. Any ethnic, religious, social, philosophical, sexual, or other group

III. That all actions taken by any branch of the American Government are to be taken in the service, and on the behalf of, the individual American Citizen.

What this all means in very practical terms for International Corporations:

  1. Business Corporations wishing to take advantage of the pro-business American legal system, and basing its self on American land must conduct its self in a way that does not interfere with the ambition of the American Citizen to pursue happiness as he freely defines it. A company basing its self in America must have a total global workforce of no less than 80% American Citizens and likewise the American Corporations total global business-to-business trade must be composed of at least 80% American Corporations.

  2. A National or International Service, Retail or Manufacturing corporation with more than 10% National market share can only expand into geographic regions which are either non-served or under-served by locally owned business providing the same service. Example- an International Big-Box retail Giant like Wal-Mart could not expand into an area that is already adequately served by a locally owned retail store or chain.

What this all means in terms of National Security and Immigration:

  1. All persons wishing to become American Citizens must pass a rigorous series of tests which will confirm their personal loyalty to the People of the United States, an ability to speak English, a knowledge of American history and culture.

  2. Border Security will be oriented around the principle that all non-legal attempts to enter the geographic borders of the Nation are attempts against the Sovereignty of the United States of America.

  3. Any non-American Citizen within a locality from which hostile action against an American Citizen (including soldiers etc) is initiated will be considered an enemy of the United States of America and will be subject to whatever measures Military or Police authorities decide will best protect The United States of America and all of its citizens from further hostile actions.

What this all means in terms of Domestic Policy:

  1. Each individual citizen being its own Sovereign, all laws prohibiting the possession of any currently illegal substance, drug, material, firearm or object, will be immediately repealed.

  2. All current Federal Taxes will be repealed and permanently nullified by Constitutional Amendment, to be replaced by a National Sales Tax of 35% on all non-food, non-fuel, and non-shelter items and services. EVERYONE, regardless of their income, will be required to pay.

  3. All Natural Resources not currently privately owned will be open to exploration and development by American Citizens and Corporations.

More later.......

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