Monday, April 12, 2010

American Nationalism I

Nationalism is not a difficult thing to understand or experience, once the idea its self is separated from the emasculated and ultimately crippled context of 21st century cultural European-American worldview. "This soil, saturated with the tears, blood, and bones of my Fathers, is the Land on which I forge my own destiny and that of my family."

This means the idea of Nationalism is based on the idea of family, and not just the origins of family but on the continuation and evolution of family. From this basis the idea of Nation is associated with the idea of race.

America is perhaps the first Nation to manifest a non-racial ethnicity. Individuality orients the Nation at least as much as does family. That is one of the truly original and incredibly substantial facts that almost everyone overlooks when thinking about America.

The Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights etc) address no social unit other than the individual American. These documents constitute a State which derives its legitimacy from the sovereignty of the individual, and from no other entity, group, class, or race; "America, the land which each man is free to become his own King". Individual Sovereignty is what truly sets America apart from every other Nation on earth. It is the result of thousands of years cultural evolution, and the best part is that it is still evolving and we may take part in that evolution.

What does American Nationalism mean right now? It simply means that each individual identify themselves as their own sovereign entity, and commits to those principles which constitute the State that facilitates Individual Sovereignty.

In plain English, it means Americans for America and none other. The Founding Fathers of America understood that the State was essentially all-powerful, that it held control over lethal force, commerce, information, everything. The aim of The Founding Fathers (in their infinite wisdom), was to Constitute a State around the principle of self-limitation.

That is, to create an entity whose primary purpose is the limitation of its self and of other entities (foreign or domestic) that could possibly wield power equivalent to the State its self. After all, what good would a self-limiting entity called "State" be, if a different, non self-limiting entity assumed the 'all-mighty' controlling powers of the State?

This is the crux of nearly every issue currently on the table. Some call themselves 'progressives' and seek to remove the self-limiting function and purpose of the State and give it the sovereignty that belongs only to the individual, the American Citizen. Some call themselves 'capitalists' and seek to nourish and continue to grow non-self limiting, monolithic entities which themselves have powers of control over the people equal at least to any State. The American Citizens are caught between these two seemingly opposed political movements and by them, are divided against themselves.

What, again, does this all mean right here and right now? What does it mean to you? The 'progressive' calls for greater State regulation of the aforementioned monolithic entities by removing the self-limiting function of the State, but in doing so they also seek control over you, telling you what you must buy, where you must buy it, and how much you will pay for it. The 'capitalist' calls for full implementation of the self-limiting function of the State in order to allow the non-state monolithic entities to grow in power and control that dwarfs any State, but in doing so they also seek control over you, by destroying commercial competition and the ability of any individual to attain actual financial freedom, or sovereignty of ones self.

The capitalist seeks merely to create a different kind of State that has no limitations, and which they will refuse to call a State, but none the less this "non-state" monolith exercises greater and greater control over all of our lives.

The worst of all possible worlds, and what we seem to be moving towards, is an unlimited State working in tandem with a non-state entity of likewise unlimited power. I believe that is called fascism.

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