Saturday, April 3, 2010

Note to America: Snap out of it and start kicking ass like you know how

This clip sums many things for me: The Saxon attitude in general, why societies (including value-systems) evolved in harsher climates generally tend to do better than those evolved in more mild climates, and really a dose what the western world needs today.

The clip is from the short-run HBO show "Deadwood", set in the late 1800's. The guy doing the talking is Al Swearingen, the 'Boss' of the town of Deadwood. Al is a multi-faceted character who will do whatever it takes to keep his town running. It is interesting to note that this character is an "Englishman" (emigrated from England in his early childhood). To me, the character is a clear allegory of the English (Saxon) conquerer of America, and the show its self an allegory of the English conquest of 'the new world'.

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