Monday, April 12, 2010

Savage Agiprop

Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation", the web counterpart to Savage's fantastic radio program. Michael Savage is a rare breed, an old school, multifaceted individual. Savage (and the few left that are like him, like many of our Fathers and Uncles and Mentors from childhood) is often unfairly criticized for being 'radically conservative', anti-this or anti-that.

The only substance to this criticism is that he is "one-sided" in his views. But even this shred of critical substance is deeply hypocritical: note that as how the old-schoolers slowly die and their numbers dwindle that as a society we have fewer and fewer multifaceted individuals.

Note that as they leave us (how sad we are that they go!), any true dissent in this Nation fades and pales, loses its color. True old-school dissent is replaced by "dissent" as mere establishment propaganda, dividing us against ourselves, punishing real civil discourse and encouraging blind obedience. Few people in the media could ever live up to the example set by those such as H.L. Mencken. Michael is one.

May you live forever, Dr Savage!

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