Monday, April 12, 2010

The real Right-Wing begins to step forward

The left-wing establishment would like to paint all right-wingers, the entire tea-party movement, and any militia group as dangerous racists spewing hatred for minority groups and religions, and planning campaigns of terrorism across the country.

Yet, as it turns out, the real right wing is stepping forward and it happens to be both quiet housewives from Idaho and militias. Yet somehow the quiet housewives are not robotic stepford wives, and the militias are not neo-nazis. In fact, in the case of the famous Michigan Militia, one of the brigade commanders initiated a call to the authorities to aid in the arrest of an actually dangerous group.

Who is this man?

Is he:

  1. A neonazi skinhead?

  2. A wacked out far-right militia nut?

  3. A Muslim commited to American Values?

Suprise, he is #3. Neither the tea-party nor the militia movement is nearly as "angry white wasp" as leftist establishment media would have you believe. However, they ARE angry, ACTUAL everyday Americans. They, WE, represent the greatest actual threat to the leftist Establishment, and that is exactly what they fear. Fear for them, hope for us. We will prevail.

more later...

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